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Block Guide

We have a wide choice of paving slabs for your block paving driveway in South East London, scroll down to take a look through our selection of styles. Please let us know if you have a particular design or colour in mind and we’ll see what we can do.

Block Guide

Driveway contractors and block paving specialists covering South East London

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Alpha Antique

With a look that blends with any surrounding, it is unsurprising that this is one of the most popular choices. Natural yellow and orange tones envoke a warm peaceful ambience, ideal for period properties. For more contemporary homes, the elegant greys give a sophisticated touch.

Alpha Antique Flow

This permeable paving system offers an excellent solution for domestic driveways. You will surface responsibly without the need for planning permission and avoiding any compromise on design.

Alpha Antique Flow is also available as non-permeable paving.


Tumbled cobbles with a riven surface and delicate shimmer.


Beta’s clean lined, smooth surfaced setts make them ideal in areas where bicycles and buggies are used.


An exceptional product for creating eye-catching designs. Striking patterns can be created by mixing individual colours, especially if they are laid as circles or curves.

Half Omega

Classic cobble block paving unit.

The 100x100mm Half Omega unit is an excellent cobble and helps to reduce cuts when laying standard Omega on edges.

Half Omega is available in 60mm and 80mm thicknesses.

Half Omega is available in Autumn Gold, Autumn Mix, Brindle, Burnt Oak and Charcoal.


Simple modern lines blend with every environment and develop a mature, mellow character over time. Omega Paving is extremely popular, partly due to the range of thicknesses, making it suitable for most projects. Team with complementary kerbs to complete your project.

Omega Flow

This permeable paving system offers an excellent solution for domestic driveways. You will surface responsibly without the need for planning permission. Nor will you compromise on design.

Omega Flow is also available as non-permeable paving.


The five sided Penta block can be used, either on its own or with the versatile Penta Square, to create a range of classic patterns. By using contrasting colours the pattern can be further emphasised.


Regatta’s cobble effect range includes paving and circles and is best complemented by High, Drivestyle or Multi-purpose Kerb.

Our Services

Block Paving Driveways

Expertly laid block paving driveways that are built to last by our team of experienced tradesmen.

Patio Paving

Professionally laid patios that are designed to perfection and laid on solid foundations.

Resin Bound Driveways

We use decorative stone or bitumen to create an attractive, solid finish for your property.

Tarmac Surfacing

Asphalt otherwise knows as tarmac is a very popular, hard wearing surface used for driveways.


Our brickwork is available in a wide choice of superb styles, patterns and finishes for your home.


The right wooden fencing and gates can dramatically improve the look of your property.

Design & Survey

Give us a quick call on 0800 696 5207 and we’ll be happy to arrange a free visit and design survey.


We don’t cut corners or compromise when it comes to choosing the materials we supply and work with.

Paving Styles

Our paving experts have provided stunning patio design and installation services to homes all over London.

Quality Check

At City Pave we pay attention to all of the little details and quality check all of our work throughout each process.

We Work With These Trusted Suppliers

We Work With These Trusted Suppliers

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